Community consultation

In September, we asked our community about what they wanted to see in the new open space to be created at Union Road, along with a potential section of the Box Hill to Hawthorn Strategic Cycling Corridor along Sunbury Crescent.

We received feedback from a wide representation of the local community through:

  • our online survey
  • 3 online workshops
  • the ‘Gather’ tool on our Engage platform.

Online survey and workshops

We asked what was important to our community and what key design features they wanted the Victorian Government Level Crossing Removal Project (LXRP) to consider for this space.

This included:

  • how they would like to use this new open space
  • what new or improved facilities they would like
  • how they would like the streetscape improved
  • how they would like walking and riding paths improved.

Based on what we had already heard from our community, we presented some concepts to help us understand what's most important to them.

These were initial ideas for:

  • the open space at Union Road, including:
    • a possible 15-metre-wide deck across the rail trench
    • cycling and pedestrian paths
  • a section of the Box Hill to Hawthorn Strategic Cycling Corridor along Sunbury Crescent in Surrey Hills.

Who participated

Consultation findings

We identified some key themes from the online survey feedback, written submissions and in the online workshops. These include:

  • Overwhelming support for the development of new open space on Union Road that is accessible to all with well-designed and flexible spaces. This would allow our community to relax and meet friends, attend and host community events and enjoy outdoor dining.
  • Support for the idea of a 15 metre wide potential decking being provided across the rail trench to connect the north and south sides of the shopping centre and create more useable open space.
  • Canopy trees for shade.
  • Landscaped garden beds including native plants.
  • Planting of trees and vegetation adjacent to the rail trench along Sunbury Crescent.
  • Urban design to complement the unique heritage elements and village style of Union Road.
  • A public toilet being provided, with support for a Changing Places facility.
  • Preference to slow traffic on Union Road and general traffic calming measures.
  • Support for safe access for pedestrians and cyclists when moving along and crossing Union Road.
  • Preference for separated cycling and pedestrian paths.


Union Road Plaza concepts

We provided 2 concepts of the Union Road Plaza for our community to consider.

61% of people preferred concept 2. The main things people liked about concept 2 included the:

  • grassed area and shaded seating
  • decking area next to existing café
  • sustainable drainage system within the car park
  • plaza/market space.

Sunbury Crescent concepts

We provided 2 concepts of Sunbury Crescent for our community to consider.

51% of people preferred concept 2

29% of people preferred concept 1

20% of people didn’t choose either concept.

The main things people liked about concept 2 included the:

  • 1.8-metre footpath
  • vegetation buffer along the railway line
  • naturestrip with indented parking
  • 2-way off road bike path.

We heard during consultation that the delivery of the Box Hill to Hawthorn Strategic Cycling Corridor needs more discussions between the:

  • community
  • Department of Transport
  • City of Boroondara
  • City of Whitehorse.

This will help work out the best possible outcome for all stakeholders.