About the project

The Victorian Government Level Crossing Removal Project (LXRP) is finalising its designs for the Surrey Hills and Mont Albert level crossing removals. Its latest designs provide the opportunity for new open space at Union Road in Surrey Hills.

After previous community feedback, the LXRP has updated its designs.

They now include:

  • a new station entrance on Montrose Street in Surrey Hills
  • a new plaza and pedestrian bridge at Hamilton Street in Mont Albert, which has kept the heritage Mont Albert train station building.

The LXRP's designs for the new open space at Union Road haven't been finalised.

Community consultation

In September, we asked our community about:

  • what is important to them
  • what key design features they would like the LXRP to consider for this space.

We heard from a wide representation of the local community and some key themes have come out of the feedback.

Draft Urban Design advice

The feedback we received has helped develop a draft Urban Design Advice document for the LXRP. The advice includes what we believe is the community’s collective vision for the new space.

It also includes:

  • guiding principles
  • key objectives
  • guidelines
  • an updated concept design
  • artist’s drawings to show the LXRP what we think the new open space could look like.

While we previously planned to develop a more structured framework, we felt the community's feedback would be better reflected in an Urban Design Advice report for the LXRP. We believe this has allowed us to focus on the community’s vision for the open space and streetscape. It has also allowed us to focus on the best ways to achieve this vision without being restricted by planning schemes and technical requirements that come with a more structured framework. We hope this helps the LXRP to more broadly explore the way it can deliver this vision.

Have your say

We want to know if you are comfortable with our advice to the LXRP. You can read our draft Urban Design Advice document in the ‘Downloads’ section on this page. You can also view the key elements of the document, the updated concept design and the artist’s drawings here.

You can share your thoughts in the survey below. The survey will be open until Sunday 19 December 2021.

What happens next?

We will consider your feedback and finalise the Urban Design Advice document. We will give this advice to the LXRP and use it to advocate for our community’s preferences to be included in their final designs. We aim to present the final advice to the LXRP in early 2022.