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Have your say and help shape your neighbourhood

Consultation is a two-way process of asking and receiving the community's input on local matters. The views you share during consultations are considered carefully, and help Councillors and Council staff make well-informed decisions for Boroondara’s future.

We want to hear from:

  • people living, working or studying in Boroondara
  • community groups
  • property owners
  • local businesses.

Why we consult, engage and listen

When we consult, engage and listen

You may be invited to share your views when Council:

  • updates the city's big-picture vision, known as the Boroondara Community Plan. See how you can have your say in 2024
  • updates local laws
  • gathers information to help develop strategies, policies and plans
  • considers major works
  • considers community nominations for heritage protections on significant buildings.

Our Community Engagement Policy outlines Council's commitment to genuine and transparent opportunities for community members to get involved in Council’s decision-making.

Each consultation will offer different ways to participate. These can include:

  • doing a survey (online and on paper)
  • posting a comment
  • visiting drop-in sessions
  • participating in workshops or webinars
  • uploading or mailing a submission
  • phoning or emailing the team running each consultation.

Consultations are promoted in many ways, including:

  • posters
  • postcards, letters and the Boroondara Bulletin in your letterbox
  • posts on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Fortnightly Feed emails. Subscribe here
  • email alerts to new consultations that match your interests. Sign up here

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Contact Us

Contact us for more information on any of these consultations.

Phone (03) 9278 4444