On 11 December 2023, Council's Services Delegated Committee considered community feedback and additional background information on the car parking options for the Park Street site. Find out more about the meeting on the Services Delegated Committee Meeting - 11 December 2023 page.

Council resolved to adopt the Place Plan, subject to removing the references to parking option 1.

Good things are coming to Glenferrie

The Glenferrie Place Plan sets out how to revitalise the precinct through the 9 place initiatives, which include street upgrades, community events, and other urban, economic and transport strategies.

Through our consultation in late 2021 for the Place Plan, you told us that the most important improvement to make is to upgrade the main shopping strip. You can see more information on this plan on our Revitalising Glenferrie: Place Plan page.

You asked us to make Glenferrie Road more welcoming and accessible through some key improvements. By building wider footpaths in a few sections of Glenferrie Road (between Manningtree Road and Barkers Road), we will be able to make the following improvements:

  • create new green and shady places with trees to make the street welcoming and more comfortable
  • open new seating spaces along the street
  • replace the footpath surfaces with quality materials, making the street safer and more accessible to everyone.

You can see more information about the improvements that you requested on our Glenferrie Streetscape page.

Before: Diagram of cramped footpath lined by car parks After: Diagram of wider footpath with more trees, cars parked

Concept diagram of before and after streetscape upgrades

The challenge of finding space

Glenferrie Road is currently dominated by vehicles and its footpaths are cramped.

To widen the footpaths and make improvements, we need to use some of the space that is currently designated as on-road parking spaces. Of the 180 parking spaces along Glenferrie Road, between 30 to 40 will become new public spaces for people.

We also anticipate that, at later date, the Victorian Government will remove an additional 40 to 50 car parking spaces for tram stop upgrades.

Before we make any upgrades to the streetscape, we’d like to hear from you again.

What you've previously told us

  • 74% of respondents supported improvements being made to the streetscape (draft Place Plan consultation).
  • You want to retain the number of car parking spaces (draft Place Plan consultation).
  • You don't want the amount of available parking increased (community rejected government funding for additional parking in Glenferrie, as presented in Australian Government's Commuter Car Parking initiative 2022. Funding now withdrawn and has no relation to this consultation).

Considering the options

We asked the community to consider how we approach this relocation of spaces and how parking could be accommodated on the Park Street site.

  • Option 1: Move parking - half site, face Park St

    Build a new multi-level parking facility built on the south-half of the existing car park site.

    • Replaces 40 parking spaces removed by the streetscape improvements.
    • Another 2 levels could be added (over 80 more spaces) in future, if needed.
    • Would be a 3-storey car parking facility, with potential for retail and laneway activation within the facility.
    • Potential revenue from selling Liddiard St half would contribute funding this option.
  • Option 2: Move parking - whole site, both streets

    Build one new level of parking over on entire existing car park site.

    • Facing both Liddiard Street and Park Street.
    • Replaces 80 parking spaces removed by the streetscape improvements and eventual tram stop upgrades.
    • Another level could be added (over 80 more spaces) in future, if needed.
    • Would be a 1-storey car parking facility.

    This option provides no street or retail activation potential, and has the highest cost with no revenue potential.

  • Option 3: No parking relocation

    No change to the existing car parking site. Any parking removed from Glenferrie Road will not be replaced at this time.

    This option provides no street or retail activation potential, but also has no cost.

A range of nearby sites were considered for relocating parking. Detailed analysis identified the most feasible site to be the existing car park between Park Street and Liddiard Street. Find out more in our Park Street Parking Facility report in the Document library on this page.

The 3 proposed options all account for car parking supply, cost, and potential contributions to both built form and public realm in the precinct. More details are in our Draft Glenferrie Place Plan document in the Document library on this page.

What we heard from the community

Between March and May 2023, we asked for your feedback and heard from the community similar levels of support for all 3 options.

Online survey responses included:

  • 307 people who supported Option 1
  • 260 people who supported Option 2
  • 296 people who supported Option 3

Feedback during our community and stakeholder workshops also presented a range of views.

In total, we received:

  • 863 online survey responses
  • 408 community survey responses
  • feedback from 60 workshop attendees.