We know our community values and strongly supports a multicultural Boroondara.

That’s why we drafted a new Multicultural Action Plan, to ensure people from all cultural, linguistic and religious backgrounds can belong and participate in social, cultural, economic and civic life.

Before we finalised the plan, we invited your thoughts on how we propose to foster a welcoming and inclusive community throughout Boroondara.

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey or uploaded your comments during the feedback period.

About the draft plan

The Multicultural Action Plan 2024-26 will guide the work we do to celebrate Boroondara’s multicultural community.

It makes sure people from all backgrounds can access Council services and actively take part in the community.

The feedback we collected from the community, together with research and demographic analysis, helped to shape 3 main areas of the draft plan.

  • Celebration and belonging

    Boroondara’s multicultural communities are celebrated and feel a sense of belonging.

  • Communication and welcoming environments

    Boroondara’s multicultural communities easily access information, share feedback and ideas with Council and feel welcome in spaces and places in Boroondara.

  • Accessibility and participation

    Multicultural communities participate in all aspects of Boroondara community life.

How we developed the draft plan

What we heard

To help us develop the draft plan, between March 2023 and April 2024, we heard from individuals and groups to understand how Council can create a more inclusive and welcoming community.

Feedback included:

  • Community members want more events, festivals and initiatives that honour multiculturalism.
  • Council has an important role to play in fostering and protecting harmony in Boroondara.
  • Intergenerational events help to preserve cultural heritage and build stronger connections between old and young people.
  • Use of plain English in communication across multiple communications channels is essential.
  • Community members want equal access for all to resources, services and opportunities.
  • Social isolation is an issue for some people from multicultural backgrounds.
  • Interfaith and crosscultural celebrations are important in reducing racism.

Who we heard from

Here's a snapshot of the individuals and groups we heard from to help us develop the draft plan:

  • 216 individuals and 33 community organisations completed a community survey
  • 31 different countries, including Australia, were represented
  • 65% of responses were from women, 28% were from men and 7% preferred not to provide their gender
  • feedback came from all age groups
  • 45 representatives from faith-based and cultural groups provided feedback at interviews and workshops
  • feedback was given in a variety of languages other than English
  • respondents spoke 15 languages other than English at home with the top 2 being Mandarin and Cantonese.

Have your say

Consultation closed at 5 pm Tuesday 23 July 2024. Your feedback will help us finalise the plan before it is presented to Councillors for adoption later this year.

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