Dog-friendly upgrades in Markham Reserve

With dog ownership increasing significantly in Boroondara over the last 12 months, we want to ensure the community and their pets can enjoy the off-lead area at Markham Reserve without the risk of dogs running onto nearby paths and roads. This creates a hazard for dogs and their owners, and also for motorists and other park users.

We want to know if you support the installation of some new dog-friendly infrastructure at the reserve, to improve use and overall safety.

Proposed new features

  • An informal low rock scramble and tree planting near the existing seats which creates a welcoming space to socialise.
  • Improved dog safety fencing, which could be:
    • black chain mesh fencing (around 900mm high) next to a section of the shared pedestrian and cycle path, with gaps for pedestrian access (location shown on plan marked in red), or
    • black mesh infill panels added to the existing timber bollards next to Victory Boulevard, with gaps for pedestrian access (location shown on plan marked in blue).
  • A new drinking fountain with dog bowl.
  • A space near the playground to comfortably tie dogs, while they wait for their families to return from playing.

Together with responsible pet ownership, these proposed upgrades will help make Markham Reserve safer for all park users, dogs and motorists nearby.

Proposed upgrades to Markham Reserve

Aerial photograph showing proposed changes at Markham Reserve