Heritage shapes who we are as a community, forming the identity of Boroondara. It’s the parts of our history we don’t want to lose.

With our past Heritage Action Plan, we successfully identified and protected thousands of additional heritage buildings and precincts. We also continue to preserve our established heritage, support local events as part of the Australian Heritage Festival and offer local and family history (run by libraries).

Now, we want to broaden our vision of heritage, including other important aspects of our history, and we want to consider how to promote and celebrate all forms of heritage here.

  • What should we pass on to future generations?

    Your input will help us shape a strategy for recognising, promoting and celebrating our local heritage in Boroondara.

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Beyond buildings, for a broader vision

Heritage comes in many forms. It includes historic buildings and significant trees, but it can also be objects, groups and things you can't see. Heritage can be the stories, traditions and values that have shaped our community over time.

Heritage can also be the:

  • local Aboriginal heritage, such as archaeological sites of the Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung people, like scarred trees along the Yarra River
  • natural environment
  • stories and oral histories
  • long-standing local events and groups, like the Camberwell Chorale, who have performed here since 1944
  • artwork such as sculptures, murals and paintings by local artists, such as Fred Williams and John Brack.

What might be considered heritage?

Select the hotspots to explore some less traditional ideas for what might be considered part of Boroondara's heritage.

Have your say

Share your thoughts on what heritage in Boroondara means to you.

Your input will help us understand what parts of Boroondara's heritage you'd like us to preserve, promote and celebrate.

Complete the survey below by 5 pm Monday 8 July 2024 or chat to our Council Officers at a drop-in session.