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About the proposal

We are committed to the protection, conservation and enhancement of all heritage places in Boroondara.

Amendment C398boro proposes to apply a permanent Heritage Overlay to 18 individual properties in Balwyn and Balwyn North. Our heritage consultants have identified that these places have local heritage significance and are worthy of protection. We need to amend the Boroondara Planning Scheme to apply a Heritage Overlay to these locations.

You can learn more about each of these properties by downloading the Heritage Citations below.


Download the Heritage Citations for 4 properties in Balwyn. Select 'See more' to see the full list of documents.

Balwyn North

Download the Heritage Citations for 14 properties in Balwyn North. Select 'See more' to see the full list of documents.

Why are these places significant?

The Victorian Government has a list of recognised criteria we need to use to assess local heritage value. These are included in Planning Practice Note 1 – Applying the Heritage Overlay, which you can find on the Department of Transport and Planning website.

You can read the full Peer Review report and Heritage Citation below to learn more about how our heritage consultant decided that each property met the criteria.

Map of Balwyn and Balwyn North

Select a tab below to see a map of Balwyn and Balywn North. Then select a Hotspot learn more about each property's heritage significance.


Balwyn North

What we heard from the community

During the public exhibition we received 12 submissions including:

  • 5 people who supported the proposal
  • 7 people who opposed the proposal.