We're planning to create a new open space at the southern end of Creswick Street in Hawthorn.

We’ve developed a draft concept that shows what this open space could look like for our community. You can see the shape and size of the new parkland in the diagram below, which includes:

  • a designated area for recreational activities
  • permanent parking
  • temporary access for boat trailers on Hawthorn Rowing Club event days.

Have your say on the draft concept

We want to hear which options you would prefer to see in the new recreation area.

Would you like an area for picnics or a warm-up area for running? Do you have other suggestions?

Share your thoughts by:

  • taking the survey below
  • chatting with a Council Officer at Creswick Street on:
    - Wednesday 26 June, 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
    - Saturday 29 June, 10:00 am to 11:30 am.

The draft concept will be updated to align with your preferences. As these works are not currently funded by Council, we will present the concept to Councillors for consideration as part of a future Council Budget.

This consultation is open until 5 pm Monday 8 July.

The journey to an open space

From February 2021 to September 2022, Melbourne Water completed replaced sewers under the south end of Creswick Street.

While works took place, the one-way road on Creswick Street was closed to traffic between Burwood Road and Denham Street.

During this time, residents on nearby streets asked to keep the one-way road permanently closed.

We conducted a traffic study to make sure that closing the road wouldn’t cause any major issues. We then asked our community and local traders for their thoughts on closing the road.

311 people participated in the consultation, with 72.4% residing in Hawthorn.

The majority of participants (63%) supported closing Creswick Street completely or partially.

You can view a summary of the community consultation findings in our news listing.

After reviewing feedback from our community, we delivered a report that was presented to Councillors for their consideration at the Services Delegated Committee (SDC) meeting on Monday 12 December 2022.

Councillors made a decision to:

  • close Creswick Street closed to traffic between Burwood Road and Denham Street
  • allow some permanent parking at the north end of the closure
  • provide occasional parking and access where needed, such as the Head of the Yarra event
  • create new open space opportunities in the southern end of the street for social and recreational use.

The draft concept we’ve developed is in line with this decision.

About the draft concept

During consultation to develop the Boroondara Community Plan 2021-31, our community told us that parks and green spaces are a top priority.

By expanding the open space at the southern end of Creswick Street, we can use the area to its full potential and:

  • support our community’s social, health and sporting activities by providing more outdoor recreation opportunities
  • create an accessible street with safe, well-connected travel options for pedestrians and cyclists
  • enhance the street in a way that pays respect to the local identity and history of the area
  • plant new canopy trees and garden beds to provide shade and improve biodiversity
  • ensure the space works in a way that is sustainable for future generations.

How your feedback shaped the draft concept

During the first round of consultation, we heard key themes from the community that we considered as we developed the draft concept.

Here's how your thoughts helped shape the draft concept:

What we heardHow this is reflected in the draft concept
You’d like to see an open space that encourages a more diverse use of the park areas.

We’re proposing to create a multi-use active space with:
  • seating
  • artistic ground mural
  • improvements to the façade of the existing public toilet
  • line marked court for casual ball sports, or to practice throwing a ball into a hoop.

You want to feel safe when crossing to the tram stop on Creswick Street.

  • Road line markings at Denham Street for safer pedestrian crossing.
  • Raised pedestrian crossing with a visible surface treatment to encourage vehicles to slow down.
It’s important to keep the pedestrian and bicycle connections along Creswick Street, to maintain a direct link between St James Park and Creswick Street Reserve.
A wide, shared path for pedestrians and cyclists, which will improve access to the public open spaces and facilities.

Pedestrian and cyclist safety is important to you.

New light poles for safe travel from dusk until dawn.
You'd prefer a larger parkland area.

The concept proposes to:

  • renew the current garden beds
  • plant more trees and garden beds
  • renew lawn areas
There are concerns about loss of parking.
  • 15 parking spaces, including 1 disabled parking space and a turnaround area at the closed end of Creswick Street.
  • Bike parking will also be included.
There are concerns about Hawthorn Rowing Club’s access to the new open space.Removable bollards to allow boat trailers to clearly access Creswick Street during the Hawthorn Rowing Club's annual Head of the Yarra event.

Draft concept for the new open space (pending budget)

Select the hotspots to learn about features proposed in the concept.

A concept that shows what a new open space could look like for our community.

Have your say

Which options would you prefer to see in the new recreation area? Are we on the right track with the plans for this new open space?

You can share your thoughts in these ways:

  • complete our short survey below
  • chat with a Council Officer at Creswick Street in Hawthorn on:
    - Wednesday 26 June, 12 pm to 1 pm
    - Saturday 29 June, 10 am to 11:30 am.

Consultation is open until 5 pm Monday 8 July.