We have cancelled the Council Meeting for this project following the withdrawal of federal funding for additional commuter car parks in Boroondara. Read Council’s response to this decision.

About the proposal

We are proposing to build around 90 additional long-term car parking spaces with an added level on top of the existing Council-owned Junction West multi-level car park in Camberwell. This would be funded by the Australian Government as part of its Urban Congestion Fund. We would receive $20 million from this fund to complete the project.

These additional car parking spaces have the potential to benefit:

  • community members who want to commute by train or tram
  • visitors who want to shop, dine and explore the Camberwell Junction area.

Artist's impressions of the Camberwell proposal

The ideas in these impressions may change.

Investigations so far

We received initial funding from the Australian Government to complete feasibility studies. These studies looked at possible sites on Council-owned land near Camberwell Station to accommodate additional car parking spaces.

Potential benefits

The Junction West multi-level car park site is the most suitable location for additional car parking spaces.

This is because it can:

  • support outcomes like improving transport options as outlined in the Boroondara Community Plan 2021-31
  • build on the current car park, transforming the existing structure into a state of the art parking facility with the inclusion of increased security, parking sensors, access lifts and more
  • renovate the existing structure to improve the amenity and overall aesthetic of the current facility
  • provide an opportunity to improve pedestrian connection to the Camberwell Junction shopping area
  • encourage greater use of public transport because it's close to Camberwell Station (within 6 minutes walking distance), trams and buses
  • increase parking for use in evenings and weekends to support shopping and dining
  • provide an opportunity to explore an innovative, green and sustainable design
  • support other environmentally sustainable features in the design, such as bicycle parking and electric vehicle charging
  • be sensitive to the adjacent buildings and respond to the surrounding urban realm by building on an existing multi-deck facility and be no higher than nearby multi-level buildings.