We're planning to renew the playground at Burwood Reserve on Warrigal Road, Glen Iris.

In February and March 2024 we asked our community for feedback on the draft design.

We are now reviewing feedback and finalising the design, which we'll present to our community before construction starts.

About the renewal

We are renewing the playground to:

  • improve accessibility
  • offer a range of play experiences for children
  • ensure the playground is enhanced for families to enjoy into the future.

We expect to start constructing the new playground in the 2024-2025 financial year.

How community feedback informed the draft design

We first asked our community for feedback in September and October 2023, to help shape the draft design for the new playground.

We heard from both adults and children. This included 24 responses through the online survey. 12 people also shared their ideas, photos and drawings which you can view on this page.

Features our community told us they wanted to see in the new playground included:

  • a climbing net
  • trampoline or bounce pad
  • monkey bars and turnover bars
  • a mix of slides
  • shade.

These features have been included in our draft design, which you can view further down the page.

Some features our community told us they would like to see could not be included in the design, like sand play and water play. For information about what is not included as part of this playground renewal, see the question panel on this page.

Summary of our draft design

The key features proposed for the new playground include:

  • a combination play unit with platforms, slides and climbing suitable for younger and older children, and play opportunities underneath
  • a rope climbing unit
  • a bounce pad
  • monkey bars and turnover bars at different heights
  • a triple swing frame
  • logs and boulders for seating and play
  • refurbished carousel.

Other features proposed for the wider playground space include:

  • improved paths, seating and gathering areas
  • built shade over parts of the playground
  • more trees to increase shade in the future
  • a dedicated accessible car parking space (which will replace 2 existing car spaces close to the playground entry)
  • removal of the overhead electricity line (subject to authority approval).

View the draft design

You can view key proposed features of the draft design by selecting the hotspots below.

An aerial map showing the draft design for the new playground.

How our community had their say

We wanted to know if the draft design met our community's needs. We invited feedback in these ways:

  • complete our short survey
  • speak with a Council Officer at the playground on Wednesday 6 March from 3:15pm.

Consultation closed at 5 pm Tuesday 12 March 2024.