Our proposal

The ramp we are proposing to build would be located on the west side of the Mont Albert Road bridge, immediately to the north of Mont Albert Road.

At the moment, there aren’t many places where you can access the Anniversary Trail between Whitehorse Road and Rubens Grove.

The proposed ramp could reduce the distance between access points from 900 m to 370 m along this stretch of the trail.

A ramp at this location would also:

  • provide a connection between important east-west and north-south bicycle and pedestrian routes
  • improve access, safety and security
  • provide opportunities for local students to walk or ride to school
  • deliver better access for emergency services when required
  • meet disability standards.

Community consultation

In late-2022, we asked you for feedback about our proposal to build a ramp connecting the Anniversary Trail with Mont Albert Road in Canterbury.

We received more than 190 responses from community members. Over 87% of respondents supported the proposal.

These findings were presented as part of a report to Councillors at the Services Delegated Committee (SDC) meeting on Monday 10 July 2023.

Visit our Services Delegated Committee Meeting - 10 July 2023 event page to:

  • watch the SDC meeting — available as a livestream and then as a recording after the meeting
  • read the report summarising the findings and making recommendations for Councillors to consider.

Outcome and next steps

At the SDC meeting, Councillors supported:

  • the proposal to build a ramp connecting the Anniversary Trail ramp to Mont Albert Road
  • Officers updating the concept design and feasibility study incorporating our community's feedback
  • using the updated concept design and feasibility study to advocate to the Victorian Government for future funding to deliver the ramp.

We are currently working on the updated concept design and feasibility study, We expect to share the updated concept design and feasibility study with our community in September 2023, along with a summary of the consultation findings.

Initial concept design

Select the Hotspots on the map to learn more about the different features of our initial proposed design. The concept design is currently being updated to incorporate our community's feedback.

A map of the proposed proposed Anniversary Trail switch back ramp structure from Mont Albert Road to the Anniversary Trail.

Initial concept design images

These images are artist-designed concept images of the initial proposed design.